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About Me

Welcome! I specialize in guiding middle-aged single moms through the journey of overcoming chronic pain caused by anxiety and stress. Together, we tackle negative attitudes, reconnect with the body, and foster self-compassion. Let's embark on a transformative path towards holistic wellness.

Happy Woman


"Empowering single mothers to transcend pain and rediscover joy, my vision at Third Stage Chick is to create a community where each woman embraces her strength, cultivates self-love, and builds a life rooted in resilience. I envision a world where chronic pain/stress is replaced with boundless possibilities, and every individual, through transformative coaching, not only finds relief but discovers the extraordinary power within themselves to thrive."

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My mission is to empower single middle-aged moms to overcome chronic pain caused by anxiety and stress, guiding them towards holistic healing and renewed vitality.

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