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From Newborn to Empowered Womanhood: Nurturing Self-Esteem in Every Stage.

Updated: Feb 14

Nurturing the newborn baby girl is critical for her healthy

growth. The journey of the women begins in the womb.

In the quiet of a hospital room, amid the hushed whispers of medical professionals, a new story begins. It's a tale as old as time, yet uniquely hers from the very start. With her first breath, she enters a world brimming with possibility, a canvas awaiting the strokes of her life's brush. This is the journey of a woman, from the moment she takes her inaugural breath, a journey marked by twists of fate, triumphs, and the quiet strength woven into the fabric of her being. Join me as we unravel the tapestry of her existence, beginning with the humble genesis of her journey: birth.

What were the words she heard? Were they load and harsh? or were they comforting and gentle? Would this be an environment she'd want to dive into? Will her mother be stressed out about her impending arrival or will she be full of joy and enthusiasm? Will she bond with her mother after coming out of her womb? Will she be feed from her mother's breast or from bottle filled with formula? When she is taken home, will all her needs be met? You know, being held close to her mother, feeling her mother's skin on hers, her diapers changed in a timely manner. Will her new family hear her cries or will they hope she falls asleep and stops crying.

Motherhood is a profound journey filled with moments of love, joy, and growth. Yet, amidst the beauty of this journey, there are challenges that can impact a child's sense of self-worth. In this exploration of maternal influence on self-esteem, let's delve into the importance of making a child feel important and heard.

A mother's emotional state sets the tone for her child's emotional development. When a mother feels secure and valued, she naturally extends that sense of importance to her child. However, when a mother is overwhelmed from stress and anxiety and is emotionally distant, her child may struggle to feel significant and heard.

For a child, feeling unimportant or unheard can have profound consequences on their self-esteem. It may lead to feelings of insignificance, insecurity, and self-doubt. When a child's need for validation and acknowledgment goes unmet, they may seek validation from external sources or internalize feelings of unworthiness. See you next week when we explore strategies for making our girls feel important and heard.

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